March 27

Red Door Woodfired Grill in Liberty Missouri

This week we needed to explore some American Cuisine options atΒ 

Red Door Grill
9703 N. Ash Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64157

Several locations in the KC area:
Overland Park

We just finished our school year and we decided to celebrate! Yes we finished earlier than what most are use to but we homeschool so our schedules are a bit more flexible. We start the first Monday in August and don’t take as many or as long of breaks during the school year. For us it works out well so we can spend the colder months inside and the nicer weather exploring.

Red Door Grill classifies themselves as upscale American Cuisine, which is why even though the boys have been begging we didn’t go. Kids are welcome but pricing is a little bit of a shock especially for the kids menus. For us it makes sense as a special celebration meal with 5 of us and you never know how much the kids will eat.

We had a quite table in the corner, which was perfect for filming but music is a little loud. Due to copywriting laws, we do try to edit the music down or out of our videos. The Liberty location parking lot is always packed looking but inside everyone was spaced out. Make sure to check out our video to see what we had and what looks good to you!


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