May 16

Jurassic Quest Drive Thru Tour 2021 | Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City Missouri


Do you have a Dino lover in the family? Want to get out and do something away without having to get out of the car? Learn more about dinosaurs? Caegan, our 3 year old, has been begging to go ever since ads started popping up after we went to the Dino Drive Thru a few weeks ago.

When we moved to Kansas City he became a huge dinosaur lover because outside of his bedroom window he could see the neighbor’s Halloween display which was a T-Rex and nest, he would call them Sodoar. We even decorated his room in dinosaurs which you can watch that reveal here.

Jurassic Quest is a drive thru traveling exhibit, it is different from Dino Drive Thru by having more sea creatures and BABY dinosaurs! It was also a plus that the sounds were not as loud at Jurassic. Dino Drive Thru was hard to hold a conversation let alone film due to the Dinosaur sounds.

Now I will say that I was disappointed that the hype video didn’t match their actual set up. The dinosaurs didn’t move as much, we had seen a tail swing over the car in their ad but that wasn’t the case in person. The audio program was hard to follow as well because they didn’t have chapters and indicators as to where you were in the audio file. Also the audio didn’t engage the listeners like Dino Drive Thru by quizzing us. Finally they didn’t have the baby dinos that they hold toward the end. Caegan had fallen asleep during our drive there and didn’t get into the experience until half way through and then was sad he didn’t get to see the babies again.

At the end they took our photo with a dino in the background (no extra cost) which we were able to download at home. Overall it was worth the trip for us, we liked it was different from the first. Would you go?

Jurassic Quest Drive Thru
May 14th – May 30th at Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chief’s)


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