April 17

Dinosaur Drive Thru Tour 2021 | World’s of Fun Kansas City Missouri


Do you have a Dino lover in the family? Want to get out and do something away without having to get out of the car? Learn more about dinosaurs? The Dinosaur Drive Thru tour is traveling around the country and is perfect to help you accomplish all of these and more. This week we visited the Dinosaur Drive Thru (Traveling Exhibit) April 8th- May 2nd at World’s of Fun in Kansas City MO.

Our friend and blogger Brianna had given us a chance to go. You pick a one hour window that you want to go, and can show up any time within that hour, and it lasts about 45 minutes. The tour is self paced, you can listen to their audio tour to learn about each dinosaur and they ask questions to challenge your knowledge. Since it is always a toss up with how Caegan will react we chose to go during the day. In the evening dinosaurs are lit up but so they look more real but again with a 3 year old we chose the safer route. Check out the video for more details of what you will encounter.

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